Saturday, March 12, 2011

"I Like My Beats Fast And My Bass Down Low"

This has been the craziest month, which has caused me to delay my blogging. I know I've left you hanging from before Mardi Gras Half Marathon and I certainly apologize. Right after getting back from NOLA I moved, worked more hours at work, GA weather went from Spring-like back to a bone chilling Winter, my oldest brother got severely sick, I gave up Peanut Butter for Lent (i'm already going through withdraws), and dealing with issues of stealing internet from my neighbors (just reset your modem, please!). This entry is dedicated to catching everyone up to present time! I promise I will be better and update weekly!

Mardi Gras Half Marathon 2/13/2011
  • It was quick trip! We left Friday afternoon and came back Sunday night. I love NOLA and always hate coming back.
  • Friday evening we arrived and headed to the French Quarter for some drinks! Saturday was our Maw's birthday. So we headed back to the quarter to pick up our race packets in the morning, ate some lunch at the worse restaurant, and then headed back across the river to celebrate Maw's birthday with some family.
  • Sunday morning around 5AM had arrived and it was time to get up and ready for some running! Of course, us Bergerons are always paranoid we will be late for everything. So yes, we were one of the first people at the start of the race. We had a nice 1.5 hour to waste in the 30 degree weather! When did NOLA become so cold! I packed clothes like I was going to a paradise island.
  • This was my second time running the Mardi Gras Half, but this time was different since it's now owned by the Rock-n-Roll series. I have to say, I loved the course from years before mostly because there's nothing like running down Bourbon St after a night of partying. This years course was more "green" with the "oldest oak trees in the world".
  • My goal was to beat my previous PR of 1:45. I actually ended up running the same time... really?! I was bummed for a couple of minutes when I cross the finish, but realized there is no reason to be bummed and to be happy with my time! I'm proud of Jesse, my brother, who now has a new PR of 1:53! Woohoo! :-)
ATL Bergerons- Freezing before the race!

Post MG Half Lagniappe:
  • I moved across town right after the half. So between being tired from the NOLA trip, moving in less than a week, and trying to find a new running course I was exhausted. I took a week off of running the week after NOLA. I have to say, I needed it! My first run back I felt a million times better. My body was rested and I had a new plan of attack. Running didn't feel like a chore for me anymore. Remember running should be fun and if it gets to where it's not fun, take a break!
  • Jason, my oldest brother, has been sick for almost 3 weeks now. He is now at the top of the mountain and progressing through his recovery phase. He was sick with bacteria pneoumina, placed in ICU for 2 weeks with a ventilator, he had ups and downs in his progress throughout the illness, but now he has moved into a normal room as of last night! Woohoo! It has been a tough month for all of us to see a loved one go through such a horrible sickness, but it brings everyone together and Jason has more love than he thinks from everyone! I got to hear him talk a couple of nights ago for the first time in weeks, and it made my heart smile. I've missed my brother and i'm glad I/we have him back! I love you Jason!!!
  • I gave up peanut butter for Lent. If you know me, you are probably laughing at me with a sense of doubt that I won't make it the 40 days. I will make it, enough said!
  • For weeks Atlanta had the perfect Spring like weather in February. I loved getting up in the mornings (or coming home from work) and wearing shorts and a short sleeves shirt for my run. Last week was a wake up call that it's still Winter! I had to pull out my winter gear, hopefully for the last time! It was miserable.
  • Finally, I am going to make a better effort to keep up with my blog at least weekly. It's a goal of mine! I'm open to suggestions for improvements and/or add on! :-)
Training Exercise: Cross train! Remember our body will adapt to the same routine. If the body isn't challanged in new ways, you will see a decline in gains and possibly reach a pleatua. Move the body in new ways such as cycling, running, walking, swimming, tennis, etc. Variety is key to success!

Training Tip: Rest! No matter what your goal for fitness is, your body needs a rest day or two. Exercise is a stressful event for the body, a good stress, but stress nonetheless. If it doesn't have time to recover then you are not allowing time for the muscles to rebuild, get stronger, and it could be a recipe for injury. Enjoy your rest days! You deserved it! :-)

Training Songs: Here are some newbies I've downloaded recently! Enjoy!

1. Hold My Heart- Sara Bareilles
2. Sing-My Chemical Romance
3. Bass Down Low- The Catarcs ft. Dev
4. Higher- Tiao Cruz
5. Perfect Day - Jim Jones ft. Juelz Santana

Training Lagniappe: As many people know the Peachtree Road Race (PRR) has adopted the lottery format for registration starting this years. So there is no rush to log on when it first opens. The lottery registration is open from March 15- March 24. The ATC will then let you know if you were chosen for a race spot. Fingers crossed?

Happy Running,
Jayme Bergeron, BS
ACSM Health Fitness Specialist