Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall Running With A Little Lagniappe

What can I say? It's been a strange week. Maybe because it's almost Halloween? Anyway, I've decided to compile a list of random things I've had on my mind for this week. Enjoy my randomness of the week:

  • First things first, Lagniappe = a little something extra. "Mmm, crab lagniappe." I've had "lagniappe" on my mind for weeks, and I really don't know why. I just like to say it. Lagniappe.
  • It's FALL! Well, it's officially been declared Fall since September 22, but the temperature said otherwise. Georgia is finally consistent, for the most part, with the cooler weather. I love Fall running. I love this season so much because you can run in shorts with long sleeves, the cool and crisp air, the colorful scenery, and falling leaves!
  • "I hate the first 3 miles!" I love long runs, but hate the first few miles. I don't know why, but once I get to about mile 4 I'm a new woman! I have to keep telling myself it gets easier after the first few miles... Then I think, my logic doesn't really make sense. Easier after the first three miles, huh? Yeah, I'm sure most people would agree...
  • Why do some people run in shorts and sleeveless shirts, but have on WINTER gloves and ear warmers? A new trend? Don't send me the memo. Frankly, it looks odd and it bothers me.
  • Thanks Nike+ for making me obsessed with numbers. It's like a drug; I want to reach the next level so bad I would convince myself to just go for longer runs than what I had planned. It's like I was tweekin' all week to just bank in those numbers... I'm back to normal, and hope to not abuse my Nike+ again.
  • Have a backup place to do long runs. It sucks when your normal trail is closed and you have to wing it around town. Lesson well learned.
  • The Atlanta Marathon/ Half Marathon is less than 5 weeks away... and Thanksgiving! I've attached the map for the Half for all y'alls convenience to check out where you want to stand to cheer us on! :) Atlanta Half Marathon Map
  • The ING Atlanta Marathon / Half Marathon is March 21, 2010... I'm excited about this one because it will be both mine and Ross's first FULL marathon! So all you "curb crewers" I have, of course, attached the course so you can get ahead on your homework and map out where to stand! ING Atlanta Full Marathon Map
  • Finally, I've been thinking all week that I need to start incorporating pictures into my posts. I'm on it! Enjoy the video below for last minute tips to running a Marathon. I came across it on one of the blogs I read and thought I would share:

    Last Minute Marathon Tips: shot with Nikon D90 from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.

Training Exercise of the Week: Step ups (calf raises). Keeping your calf muscles strong is key to preventing injury to your Achilles tendon. An injury to this tendon will keep you from running or performing any ADLs (activities of daily living), and takes an adequate time to fully heal. Last thing you want is to have an overuse injury and little to no muscle strength in your lower leg.
  • Stand in place with your legs next to each other and slowly raise up on your toes. Then back down. Repeat.
  • You can then progress to using weights and/or a raised surface. On a raised surface you will stand on the end of the surface with just your toes and raise up.

Training Tip of the Week: Trim your toenails. Remember to keep your toenails short, or the constant impact will cause tenderness to your nail bed. It can then progress into an ingrown toenail, infection, or even cause your nail to fall off.

Training Song of the Week: This week I have chosen three random songs that are on my running playlist(s):
1. Snow ((Hey Oh))- Red Hot Chili Peppers
2.The Fixer- Pearl Jam
3. Sex on Fire- Kings of Leon

Happy Running,

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