Friday, February 19, 2010

"Here It Goes Again"

There is something about running on a treadmill that I find dissatisfying. I rather run outside any day over having to run inside on a treadmill. Well, such is life, I guess. Sometimes, like in this unpredictable arctic weather, running inside is much more tempting to stay warm, avoid the whirlwinds, and that "sideways snow". On the below freezing days for the past couple of weeks I have sucked it up and ran inside. After completing my mile repeats or even just 5 miles I feel like I accomplished almost nothing to nothing. I'm too critical. Running on a treadmill isn't that bad. It can actually be a beneficial substitute to running outside. I rather run outside because I feel in control of my pace and my drive up the hills. There's more of a distraction outside to keep your mind off running. Plus it feels good to run in fresh air. If you do decide or have to run on a treadmill be sure to adjust the speed to a relatively faster speed than you would like and add an incline, at least 1%, to mimic hills. Remember when running outside you are pushing your momentum, but on a treadmill the machine is pulling you with band so adding an incline will decrease the pull and add more of a push to mimic outside running. However, sometimes I think running on a treadmill can seem harder than running outside, that is if you are so use to running outside. Well, hard may not be the correct word. It seems to get boring a lot faster. When running on a treadmill try to focus your mind on something else like music, tv, people around you, what you will eat later, reflect on your day, or anything you can think of. Don't let the treadmill make your run dreadful! Ditch the treadmill when the weather permits! You will feel way more satisfied, I know I do! My next rainy day treadmill run inspired by Ok GO... Who wants to join?

Running Lagniappe (a little something extra):
As the marathon training is coming to an end, I have a lot on my mind. I haven't really been able to focus on writing a deep meaningful blog ;). I have been full of random thoughts and I feel like sharing with you. Maybe it will help you, or give you something to think about during your runs. Random Lagniappe:
  • Holy crap my first marathon is only 29 days away! All I can think about is if I am ready?! I feel I am, but whoa 26.2 miles is a long way!
  • I'm going to cry. Just be prepared for all you curb crewers! It's going to happen.
  • I hate that when you get so close to the actual event you feel tired of running. I call it a "runner's block". I guess I need to stay positive so I tell myself it will pass. It will pass. Trust me. If you ever feel like this take a few days off to refresh yourself and rest. You will be eager to get back in your routine and running will seem more enjoyable like it did before. Sometimes rest is all we need to do a body good.
  • I hate running in the winter. I've declared it this year. While running in the snow has been a nice change of scenery. My feet and shoes hate the ice, slush, puddles, and mud that comes with it. Ugh.
  • I wonder how hard it would be to train for a triathlon. After long runs my endorphins make me believe I could do one with no problem. First, I would need to start swimming. Then purchase a bike. Hmmm.
  • I should really invest in some wicking socks. Then I remember how expensive it can be to run. Ha.
  • I wonder if compression socks would help keep my toenails from bruising. It's pretty gross. It would help keep blood from pooling in my feet and legs, but help my bruising problem? Probably not. I should probably just stop supinating while running and get some cushions.
  • As we come to a crosswalk, I always wish the world was made for runners. Like special sidewalks and never having to stop to traffic... Only if I were president.
Exercise of the Week: Hops! Hoping, skipping, bouncing, or any explosive movement can aid in increasing speed. You can make them into drills you complete after a run since your muscles will be all warmed up and stretched. These explosive movements will construct your ligaments to be more spring-like and keep you from tightening up during a run. The drill as a whole will help build/ tone your leg muscles. More power = more speed.

Training Tip of the Week: Eating regularly will help assure you are getting your proper caloric intake for the day. Your body has to be satisfied with calories before it will start to recognize energy sources. An excess of any energy source can be converted into fat. So, don't only eat carbs or only protein because your body will first use it as energy before using the carbs or protein for what is it meant for. In a meal get your calories first then worry about energy sources. Being active always changes recommendations to a point due to having to replace what you have lost. After a long run it's better to consume something within 30 minutes consisting of 80% (ish) carbs and 20% (ish) protein. It's a better balance and team than only consuming one or the other alone. Exercise tears muscles down so you need proper nutrition to help build your muscles back up and make you stronger.

Training Songs of the Week: These songs reflect all my dancing energy I have had this week! Enjoy!

1. Drop The World- Lil Wayne ft. Eminem (It really does let anger out... Thanks Ross! :) )
2. Pretty Girls- Wale ft. Gucci Mane
3. Church- T-Pain ft. Teddi Verseti
4. 369- Cupid ft. B.O.B.
5. Never Get Enough- Das Pop (My happy song!)

Upcoming Events:

Countdown to the Atlanta ING Marathon:
29 Days (March 21, 2010).

Countdown to the Atlanta Live DOW Run For Water:
57 Days (April 18, 2010)

Happy Running,

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