Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"My Body's A Zombie For You"

I DO feel like a zombie. I've opened up my blog the past few days with a fresh mind, but nothing to say. Well, I feel like I have too much to say and just don't know where to start. First, Sunday was a nice hike up Stone Mountain. While we just hiked up the mountain, some people were ambitious enough to run up the steep rock. At the moment, I said no way Jose. Now thinking about it, I may attempt to run up the mountain one day just to say I did. It will be one hell of a 1.3 mile run, but I think it will be worth the self sacrifice. The picture to the left is a nice view of the Stone Mountain lake from the top.

Second, the weather in Georgia has been very inconsistent the past few weeks. One week it feels like fall, true fall. Then the following week it feels like summer all over again. Today is one of those "summer-like" days. I convinced myself during my brutal 4 miler today that I have the Summer blues in what is suppose to be the Fall season. During my run it appeared to be Fall outside with the leaves falling and the wind whipping, but it was anything but Fall temperatures. It felt like Summer air with a Fall scenery. What was suppose to be an easy 4 miler turned into a dreadful run. At one point, I stopped half way up Lindbergh Drive (which is one giant hill), thought to myself I am done with running, and then realized I am throwing a fit at 23 years old because my run is anything but ideal. As a runner, I am too hard on myself. I feel constant pressure to always get a new PR, or to have an outstanding run. Why? Some may say I am a perfectionist. I admit fault. I feel pressured to lead by example due to my career and volunteer choice. However, I have to tell myself that standing in the middle of Lindbergh Drive pouting isn't going to solve anything. I push myself to keep going and tell myself that everyone has a bad day. No need to blame my music choice, the weather, or simply the lack of a running buddy. It just happens. My point is, everyone has a bad day or days of running/exercise. The key is you just have to suck it up and move on. Sometimes stopping to take a breather, maybe pouting a little, and then realizing how ridiculous you look is enough motivation to suck up the "emo-ness" and continue on like a trooper. Remember if you are stuck in a slump or have a bad day, find something that motivates you to just dedicate 30-60 minutes of your time to exercise. In the end it's for the best, and will help you feel better. Busting out an exercise routine after a horrible day will give you a feeling of accomplishment once you complete it. Don't let something so little stand in your way. We are all human and have bad days, but how you deal with it reveals your level of self determination.

Training Exercise: Wood Choppers. This is an excellent exercise for the side of your abs and some lower back. You can either perform this exercise with a cable machine, resistance band, medicine ball, or a weight. To perform wood choppers:

Basic Wood Choppers
  • Cable or Resistance band: Place the lever of the cable or band all the way to the top of the machine or the top of the door frame.
  • If a cable, set the weight to roughly 10-20 pounds, depending on your fitness level. If a band, the further you walk out the more resistance you will feel.
  • Stand side ways and walk out from the machine/door frame.
  • Keep your arms straight at all times, and bring the band/cable down twisting to the opposite foot.
  • Keeping your arms straight, return to the starting position. The motion is to roughly mimic chopping wood. You will feel the exercise work in the side of your abs that you are twisting down to.
  • Repeat 15-20 reps on the same side, then turn around and do the other side.
  • Medicine Ball or Weight: Hold the MB or weight above your head to one side of your body.
  • Keeping your arms straight, twist down to the opposite side trying to touch your foot with the MB or weight.
  • Keeping your arms straight, return to the starting position. The motion is to roughly mimic chopping wood. You will feel the exercise work in the side of your abs that you are twisting down to.
  • Repeat 15-20 reps on the same side, then turn around and do the other side.

Training Tip: When the weather is in the 50s remember not to over dress. You may feel chilly when you walk out the door and are tempted to put on long sleeves and pants, but I promise you will regret it. During the Fall season with temperatures in the 40 and 50s short sleeves (sometimes a light long sleeves that you can push up) and shorts are the ideal clothes to wear. You will be chilly at first, but once you surpass 1-2 miles your body will warm up and you will regret overdressing. Remember dressing for the weather can make or break a run. You have to think how you will feel during the run, not in the now.

Training Songs: In the spirit of Halloween I have included some themed songs into my play list. It may not feel like Halloween outside, but I am determined to make it feel like it is! Enjoy!

1. My Body's A Zombie For You- Dead Man's Bones
2. Monster- Lady GaGa
3. Monster Mash- Bobby Pickett
4. Beautiful Monster- Ne-Yo
5. Monster- Kayne West ft. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicky Minaj, and Bon Iver

Training Lagniappe: Sunday November 7 at 9AM is the ING New York Marathon. I will be sure to watch the entire marathon either live, or even if I have to DVR it. You can call me a dork because this is how I get my kicks, but I just love to watch people run their asses off. However, this Marathon is going to be epic. Meb, the US Runner, will be defending his title from last year along with other amazing US Runners. Reason number 2: To watch Edison Pena, the Chilean Miner, run the race of his life. For the people who didn't hear, while being trapped he ran roughly 6 miles a day to occupy himself. When the news broke, the ING NY Marathon committee invited him to run the race. What a compliment! I may shed a tear, I won't lie.

Happy Running,
Jayme Bergeron, BS
ACSM Health Fitness Specialist

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  1. Va Pena Va! I love stories like the one about the trapped miner who ran to pass time.