Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Sometimes Ya Gotta Lose 'Til Ya Win"

During this week of work I realized the most important thing I learned in school and when being an intern: it's all about the basics. This week my exercise prescriptions for all my clients were simple basic exercises, and it yielded the best results. Keeping it simple with perfect form = very happy clients. Why you ask? All because they "feel" it working! Sometimes we all get carried away with new and technical exercises, but when you stop and think sometimes it's not the best choice of exercise. I'm not saying we don't need variety and jazzed up routines, but when in doubt fall back to the basics... it never fails. That goes for anything in life. With that said, i've had a rough couple of weeks of running. I had a mini breakdown last week and wanted to throw in my running towel and call it quits for awhile. However, I talked it over with some awesome people and thought about what makes me happy. It was time to regroup and just focus on running... not power, pace, distance, or even getting faster. Just run. Honestly, if you know me that is one of the toughest challenges for me. Relax?! Me?! Ha. I'm not going to lie, it was tough to put my ego aside and not care about the results of my runs, but just run at whatever pace and distance I felt on that day. It was the best thing I could have done. It's been one of the best weeks of running I have had a in a long time. I felt refreshed, and managed to get two 8 milers in along with my shorter weekly runs of 4 miles each all with my normal pace. It's true... If you just relax and keep things simple you will find the best results! If you find yourself stressing out about exercise just step back and breath. Regroup yourself and do what makes you happy! You'll never see any gains in exercise if you don't relax and your body is in a constant state of stress. Crack a smile during your next workout/run and it'll make you remember why you are there and what makes you happy! :-)

Training Exercise: Front Dumbbell (DB)/ Medicine Ball (MB) swings. This is a great exercise for your core and shoulder stability. Having good shoulder stability as a runner will help aid in good breathing because you will be less likely to rotate your shoulders inward, impeding your breathing.

Front DB/MB Swings:
  • Grab 2 light DB (about 8-10 lbs) or a MB if you don't have access to DB.
  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.
  • Grab both DB/MB holding them close together in the middle of your body.
  • Keeping your arms straight, bend your knees in a squatting position, use the momentum to drive the weights up over your head while your arms are straight. (The end position: Standing straight up with your arms straight over your head.)
  • Keeping your arms straight, return to the starting position: Move your arms from over your head back down to the squatting position.
  • That is 1 rep, repeat for 15-20 reps for 3-5 sets.
Tips: The starting position your body is in a squatting stance with your arms straight holding the wights in between your legs. The end position you are standing straight with your arms straight over your head. The motion between the start and end position (the swing) will feel like a plank.

Training Tip: Remember while running or exercising your shoulders are always rotated back. Runners have the tendency to internally rotate our shoulders (the motion of rolling your shoulders forward towards your chest). By rotating the shoulders back, you will "open" up your chest making it easier for air/blood to flow. Shoulders back helps the oxygen flow correctly from your lungs, heart, and your mouth. This will help correct your breathing patterns to be more efficient. The more efficient you are the less likely you will cramp from lack of oxygen.

Training Songs: It's getting close to the half so that means I need lots of upbeat songs to get me through these last weeks of training! Feel free to suggest any new songs! Enjoy!

1. Little Miss- Sugarland
2. Who Dat Girl- Flo Rida ft Akon
3. Buzzin (Remix)- Mann ft. 50 Cent
4. Yeah 3X- Chris Brown
5. Shake Me Down- Cage The Elephant

Training Lagniappe: Why do you run? Everyone has their own reason of what inspires them to run and go the distance! I think this video covers it all! Enjoy! Thank you :-).

Happy Running,
Jayme Bergeron, BS
ACSM Health Fitness Specialist


  1. Hey, I really want to do a 5K. Do you have any tips for getting there?? :)

  2. Hey! That's awesome :-)! Yea, do you currently run at all now? If not, that's fine. Allot at least 2-3 months to train for it. Start out running 3-5 days a week starting at a mile and slowly adding on to it each week getting up to 2-3 miles/run. It's about slowly progressing and not adding too much mileage too quickly. Let me know if that helps, or if I can give any more information! Not a problem at all! YAY :-) Good luck! Miss you!

  3. Thanks! I'll try that and see how it goes. I'll keep you posted :) Miss you too!!