Sunday, September 25, 2011

"Dancing- Dancing- Dancing In The Dark"

Silver Comet Trailhead- Symrna, GA
Since marathon training has started, I haven't done as much blogging through my journey as I had wanted to for numerous reasons. Since moving to Atlanta, I can't do my long runs at the Big Creek Greenway like before (unless home). So, I've been running at the Silver Comet Trail. It's absolutely a nice trail weaving through the outskirts of the city, but it's no Greenway. This time around has definitely been tougher, mentally and physically, than the first time. Training alone takes a startling amount of self discipline that others don't understand unless they have experienced themselves. The degree of mental fatigue multiplies than when training with others. You have no one there to push you, encourage you, judge you, or drag you to the end. It's all about you. When you train for an event and flirt with a distance you have never/ rarely met, it's easy to point out all the negative aspects of the run. It's easier to quit than to push your body to a pain you've never felt before. Just remember you are stronger than you give yourself credit for. No one realizes their true capability, even when pushing themselves past grounds they have never reached before. You are always capable of more! Every new ache, every new mile builds a  piece of tolerance that will push you through the next moment of doubt you encounter. Stay positive when training alone. Think about the outcome. When you cross the finish line you will be overwhelmed with a sense of accomplishment you've never felt before, no matter how many races you have ran. Training alone- your accomplishment will be that much more sweeter.

Training Exercise: Agility Wood Choppers. With my job, I am always learning/creating new exercises. One new exercise I have recently learned for a good core/ cardio workout is Agility Wood Choppers. It's just a high tempo version of a regular wood chopper.

Agility Wood Choppers:

  • Safely secure a resistance band to a post or wall lower than eye level. 
  • Grab the band with a firm grip and step away from the base where you feel a point of resistance. 
  • Turn to the side so the band will be moving across the body. 
  • Starting in an athletic squatted position then quickly move the band across the body while the arms are straight. You will be moving the band from your side, across your body, and ending across your body above your shoulders while your arms are full extended. 
  • As you return to the starting position, you while jump in the athletic position turning your body 180 degrees (you are now facing the opposite side) repeating the same "chopping" motion. 
  • You will repeat the motion 15-20 times or 30-45 seconds. Remember your motion is quick and rapid. 
Training Tip: As your mileage increases you will begin to feel new aches, pains, blisters, abrasions, chaffing, etc. Humidity and duration of your exercises plays a key in how your body reacts. Checking the weather before a run, especially a long run, is always important. Don't just glance at the current temperature. Inspect how the temperature will rise/drop, chance of rain, and the humidity. Apply band aids, cream, and/or take an anti-inflammatory if necessary. When going for a long run (over an hour) you are adding excess pounding and stress to your muscles/bones resulting sometimes in uncomfortable aches and pains. Treat properly before, during, and after your runs. You will be happy you did so later on. 

Blistered foot from tip to base of toes. Band aids are runner's best friend!

Training Songs: I haven't really discovered any new songs lately. Just a few. Here are some new and old songs on my current training playlist. Enjoy! 

1.  In The Dark- Dev
2. Hey Mama- Mat Kearney 
3. Paradise- Coldplay 
4. Give It To You- Eve ft. Sean Paul 
5. Footsteps- Nelo

Training Lagniappe: The marathon is getting close. Really close. This is always a bittersweet time for me. I love that the race is close, but the intensity of training is at it's peak. I've logged 41 miles this week. My body is sore, blistered, and achy. It's a love hate feeling. Even though i'm at the hardest part of training, the Fall weather makes it much more tolerable. Falling leaves, changing colors, and crisp air will make anything better! Savannah is right around the corner! Yikes!

Happy Running, 
Jayme Bergeron, BS
ACSM Health Fitness Specialist 

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  1. Training alone is tough, but after a long run I feel so accomplished knowing I covered a certain distance BY MYSELF! That boost of confidence assures me that I can get through anything if I'm willing to put in the hard work. I'm excited for the marathon! Only 37 more days!