Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rest. Rest. Rest.

Don't forget to take days off to rest those muscles and bones of yours. Rest is an adequate part of working out. Each time you run/work out you are creating tears in your muscles to help them become stronger. Therefore, rest is needed to aid the healing process that creates the muscle to become stronger. No rest, or an inadequate amount of rest, will increase the probability of injury.

Create a schedule. A schedule will illustrate running days and rest day. Run 5 days a week and schedule in 2 rest days almost evenly throughout the week. Take my word, running after a good rest day will make you feel a million times rejuvenated.

Don't forget to mix up your mileage throughout the week as well. The variety will help relieve stress on your muscles and bones. Variety is just as important as the rest you get. Don't run the same course and miles every day. More info on that topic will be provided later :). So get a calendar and create your running schedule based off you ability and availability.

Happy Running,

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