Sunday, May 31, 2009

"Everyone! Everywhere!"

Wednesday June 3, 2009 is being named National Running Day! It's the perfect reason to start being active and help get others to be active. Not a runner? Get a buddy, or two, and create your own walking group! Atlanta is one of the few hosting cities along with Houston, New York, and others. If you live in one of the hosting cities check out what activities are going on around the city and join in on the festivities! So get your shoes, hit the pavement, and help make this a tradition as the first step to a healthier world!

For more information on National Running Day go to For Atlantans go to to find out what activities are going on around the peach capitol! Everyone, Everywhere is encouraged to take part in the inaugural National Running Day including the hosting cities and non-hosting cities!

Happy Running,

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