Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer Running, Had Me A Blast...

I'm Baaaccckkk! After my long hiatus due to computer problems, i'm back and ready to blog. I've been itching to blog with so much to say and now that I can I have nothing to say! :-) No worries, it will all come rushing back to me. I have so many thoughts, tips, and ideas that I just don't know where to start! So I will just provide you with a collection of my random thoughts at the moment. Think of it as, I'm just easing you back into my nerdy-ness of running...

  • First, I ran my personal best at the Peachtree. It was exciting. My new goal is to run the 13.1 half in 1:45 or under.
  • This Georgia Heat Wave is absolutely killing me! It's bringing me down and putting a huge damper on my running. I mean, I'm not opposed to sweating or anything, but looking like I just jumped in Lake Lanier and then rolled around in the dirt after an "easy run" is a little much, Georgia!
  • Why are people running in long sleeves?! FYI, it's not going to expedite your "weight loss journey", I promise. Maybe more like your heat stroke journey....
  • I love getting in a good 4-5 miler all before the sun comes up, but it's starting to get old... I would like a nice afternoon run with a cool breeze... Fall, where are you?! Hurry up!
  • I'm excited that many people I know are running the Atlanta 13.1. Is that sad it excites me?
  • I've discovered "cool showers" are the best thing after a hot run! I'm not a bath person, much less a cold bath person. So, cool showers are prefect. I mean, really. It feels amazing.
  • People write outrageous things in wet cement. Some sweet and some inappropriate.
  • The kids during church summer camps on Peachtree Road always cheered passing runners. It was cute, and encouraging. I mean, I couldn't stop short in front of them. Oh, how those little 8 year olds had so much power over me.
  • I've spent a lot of time lately baking and cooking, but with a healthy twist. I want to open up a bakery using all natural/healthy ingredients, it's a little ambitious... But I love food and exercise so i'm determined to find a guiltless balance and share it with the world :-). I'll soon provide pictures and recipes!
  • I'm ready for the 13.1 half, to run another marathon, and to get myself to fully commit to running a 50 miler...
Training Exercise: Lunge to Curl. This is one of my new favorite exercises. Everyone already knows that lunges are a GREAT full body work out. Now adding a curl will increase endurance, upper body strength, and calories burned. It's simple, as you lunge curl the dumbbells in your arms. Think of it as one motion, one unit. Do this with a forward lunge and a reverse lunge. This way you ensure to work both your quadriceps and hamstrings.

Training Tip: I already said it, but i'm going to say it again. Cold Showers! It's like heaven on earth during this heat wave. It also helps to relax your muscles and prevent cramping. I don't recommended ice cold showers, unless you are courageous, but just in between hot and cold... And no, I don't mean warm showers.

Training Songs: I've finally updated my iPod since my computer was being worked on. I'm so happy to have new jams to run to! I'm all over the map, so ENJOY!

1. Audience- Cold War Kids
2. One- Yeasayer
3. Naive- The Kooks
4. 10 Dollar- MIA
5. Fuck You Very Much- Lily Allen
6. L.E.S. Artistes- Santogold
7. Gold Lion- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
8. Pocketbook- Jennifer Hudson ft. Ludacris
9. You Are The Best Thing- Ray LaMontagne
10. Better Together- Jack Johnson

Happy Running,
Jayme Bergeron, BS
ACSM Health Fitness Specialist

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