Sunday, August 29, 2010

“Tequila Might Seem Out of Control. Vodka Seems Like The Right Complement To The Gym."

Alcohol and exercise, a match made in heaven?! Huh?! Before I explain, let me back track. It never fails, I always hear people talking about how they do "200-300 crunches a night but can't seem to lose any weight around their inner tube" followed by a sip of their beer/ strongly mixed cocktail. I then get a lecture of how exercise just doesn't work for them, only them. I then ask them about their nutrition, but they quickly respond declaring they are pretty close to being a health nut (all while they are chomping away on some nachos). Right... It doesn't matter how many times you tell some people that alcohol adds up in calories just like food, they just (1) don't want to hear it and ignore it, or (2) they really believe liquids are non-caloric substances. Don't get me wrong, I like to have a drink(s) at time(s). However, I don't (1) drink often enough for it to truly hurt me and (2) I'm pretty much an exercise nut, let's just admit it. For all you drinkers out there you can keep track of your calories when at a bar! Just print off the Beer 101 link, fold it up, stick it in your pocket, and when ordering tell the waiter to hold on one second because you need to make sure it fits in your caloric intake for the day. Dork, nah just self conscious. :-)

Ok, so now on to my point. The New York Times posted an article on David Barton's (a gym owner) ideas on why mixing alcohol and exercise is a genius idea. He goes on to say that people are going to drink anyway and a shot has around 100 calories, which takes roughly running a mile to burn off. He then states that he rather have people drink and workout then just drink and never workout. Yea, just that statement alone makes me believe he really cares about his client's health and fitness. You know Mr. Barton I think drinking tequila after a workout sounds a little crazy too, but Vodka and exercise just seems like two peas in a pod. Sense the sarcasm. Let me make one side note: After running a HALF MARATHON (13.1 MILES) or FULL MARATHON (26.2 MILES) a nice cold beer actually does taste delicious and helps numb the pain, but not after EVERY exercise. For someone in the health industry, I believe his idea of health and exercise are a little skewed. He's an accomplice to a crime by advocating/providing alcohol right after a workout. The clients are working out to drink not for a healthy life. That's the aspect of it all that just rubs me the wrong way. He's not showing how to fit alcohol consumption in to a healthy lifestyle, instead he's making it the focal point of exercise. It's like saying it's ok to go eat McDonald's after a workout. Maybe that's an extreme example, but you get my point. I'm not saying people shouldn't have a drink, just that his views seem outrageous for someone who is suppose to be promoting health and fitness to society.

Training Exercise: Mountain Scissors. Yes, I totally made this up. I mean, I 'm sure people out there have other names for it and what not. I have combined mountain climbers and lateral splits in the mountain climber position together. This is a good exercise to keep your heart rate up and burn more calories!

Mountain Scissors:
  • Get down in the mountain climber position. Hands and feet both on the ground with your butt slightly raised in the air.
  • Your hands will never move.
  • Your feet will be together in the starting position.
  • (1st) Spread your legs apart out to the side in the jumping motion like a lateral split.
  • (2nd) Your legs come back together (where they were at the starting position)
  • (3rd) Bring both legs towards your chest like you would for a mountain climber. Remember both legs and not single legs.
  • (4th) Hop both legs backwards to the starting position. Completion of 1 rep.
It's kind of hard to explain. Just remember it's all a hopping motion and no breaks in between. You start with your feet together, hop out, hop back together, hop forward, then hop back to the starting position. Remember your hands never come off the ground. Complete 8-15 reps for 3-5 sets.

Training Tip:
Add Cinnamon to your food. According to an article I came across in Women's Health adding cinnamon to your coffee or toast may help to reduce stress levels. Being an antioxidant there are some studies to show stress levels have declined when adding cinnamon to your coffee grinds or to even on top of your freshly brewed coffee. If all else fails, you know have a new flavor of coffee!

Training Songs: I feel kind of in a music rut the past few weeks. I've downloaded good new songs, but nothing seems to really put that extra hop in my step. Maybe it'll be different for you. I'm always open to new songs and suggestions!! Enjoy!

1. Crystalised- The XX
2. DJ Got Us Falling In Love- Usher ft. Pitbull
3. Just A Dream- Nelly
4. Teenage Dream- Katy Perry (I'm a little ashamed)
5. Secrets- One Republic

Training Lagniappe: After countless requests I have added a subscription box to the side! Okay, maybe not countless... or even much... ok just 1 request.... But now it's made easier for you all! Just type in your email and BAM! Email updates of A Runner's Roux! :-)

Happy Running,
Jayme Bergeron, BS
ACSM Health Fitness Specialist

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  1. Jillian does your Mountain Scissors in the Biggest Loser last chance workout, but she just says they're a variation of Mountain Climbers. That move gets tough after awhile, especially at the end of a workout.