Sunday, October 23, 2011

"Life's Too Short To Even Care At All"

T- Minus 12 days till my second full marathon in Savannah! This time around, training has been tough for me. I have been following a harder training regimen with a spontaneous schedule. I have a hard time coping with the idea of detouring off the original training plan to suit my schedule. I see a guide to follow, and I tell myself I must follow the guide to a T. However, through all my studies of exercise and adaption, I know not everyone is the same and extra rest is absolutely acceptable. Remember a training guide is simply a guide. It's the base to your training. It's not your life and don't captivate yourself in the technicalities. The closer a race gets, the more fatigued and exhausted you become. That's a sign you may be close to over-training and it's time to start your tapering. The last 4, or so, months you have worked your butt off training for the race, and there is no need to risk injury at this point. Tapering is the time all runners look forward to during training. It's the break in training that feels like it couldn't have come at a better time! Your weekly mileage decreases steadily but drastically. It may be difficult at first to take the must needed rest. You go from being always active to moderately active. Some runners feel like they are doing something wrong and a little "bum like". Enjoy the rest because your body needs it. The idea is to let your body rest before the race. When race day comes around you will feel fresh, rejuvenated, and ready to run those 26.2 miles! During this time, focus on moderate exercise, good nutrition, and hydration! You won't be eating a much as you were when running 40 miles a week, so don't over eat! Staying hydrated is key to running your best race! Always have water with you throughout the day. Remember to relax and get excited to showcase all your hard work in the next couple weeks! Happy Tapering!
Battle womb of a 20 miler
Battle womb #2 from a 20 miler

Training Exercise: Foam Rolling. Foam rolling is a great way to increase blood flow to all your muscles. It may feel a little uncomfortable the first time rolling because tightness that hasn't been worked out in your muscles. The breaking of the muscle fascia (the connective tissue that is on top of the muscles) mimics the feeling of a deep tissue massage. Breaking the fascia helps increase blood flow to the muscles, reduces soreness/tightness, and may increase flexibility. Try foam rolling before and after a workout and/or hard run. You will feel better and will have a new addiction. 

Basic Foam Rolling:
  • Pick a muscle you want to roll. You can roll your upper back, shoulders, hamstrings, quadriceps, IT band, and even your calves. 
  • We will use your hamstrings as the example: While sitting on the floor, place the foam roller under on of your legs while your hamstrings are rested on the roller. 
  • Lift your hips off the ground, using your hands to support you. One leg will be on the roller. 
  • Now walk your leg up and down the roller with your hands behind you. As you roll you will feel the tissue breaking up in your hamstrings. 
  • Roll until you feel it is acceptable. Then switch legs and then muscles. 
Hamstring Foal Rolling Position

*You can also use a tennis ball or golf ball to break up the muscle fascia as well. Instead of rolling on the ball you will apply pressure on the ball in your hand and move it up and down, as you would with foam rolling. 

Training Tip: Rest is just as important to training as the actual running. It allows your body to recover from the constant pounding and stress you have applied on your muscles and bones weekly. The impact of running (or working out) breaks down muscles fibers in order to build the muscles up and make stronger. The rest period is when the muscle fibers build back up in strength. If rest is never taken, then the muscles remain in a stage of fatigue and more harm can be caused than good. Depending on your training regimen your tapering period may be longer or shorter than others. It's all based on an individual basis. You know your body best, so if you feel like you need an extra day of rest, take it. If you feel like you need an extra week of tapering before the race, take it. 

Training Songs: Many people ask me what gets me through 20 miles and all those long runs?! My answer: Good tunes within numerous genres! You need the ups and downs!  Enjoy!

1. Cough Syrup- Young The Giant 
2. Dedication of My Ex- Lloyd ft. Andre 3000
3. Slow Down Baby- Christina Aguilera 
4. Sound of Freedom- Bob Sinclair
5. Sexy and I Know It- LMFAO 

RR (Runner's Roux) Lagniappe: Healthy eating is just as important as exercise! On that note, I competed in the Southeastern regional Aetna Healthy Food Fight competition at Taste of Atlanta. I cooked my delicious and healthy Pumpkin Butternut Squash Chili with Turkey. It's a very hearty, healthy, and Fall comfort dish! It was my first time in a cooking competition, and I had a blast cooking for the judges, head chef, and festival-goers! Remember a healthy person makes a happy person! :-) 
Ready to be judged!
Happy Running, 
Jayme Bergeron, BS
ACSM Health Fitness Specialist 

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  1. I'm ready for this well earned taper! I can't believe Savannah is in two weeks!