Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"A Hundred Miles Feelin', From The Picture Smile"

Fall in Piedmont Park 2011
It's been way too long since my last blog. I apologize greatly. Life happens and slows me down sometimes. I pledge for here on to keep up with my blog like I have promised millions of times! :-) It's my duty to you! So much has happened over the past month, so I'm dedicating this entry as a recap of my life over the past month.

Savannah Marathon 11/5/2011:
Done and done! Savannah was an experience. I worked my butt off the previous four months to get stronger and faster. I was on target to reach my goal. Then race day came! Race morning just happened to be the coldest and WINDIEST day the city had seen all season. At the start of the race, temperatures were flirting with low 40s and never reaching above 50 by the end. The wind gust added a whole another dimension. The air was unexpectingly cold, dry, and windy. The course began running through neighborhoods, historic Savannah, and then the full marathon split from the half around mile 12 to run on the interstate for a little over a mile. You think to yourself, the interstate?! Fun. Yea, no. Well, at this moment it was a different experience and kind of enjoyable because when do you ever run on the interstate. After getting off and running around Savannah on the surface roads, mile 20ish approached and back on the interstate we went. This time it was for about four miles, no crowd, exhausted runners, and extreme winds. The portion of the interstate we ran at this time was curvy with slight inclines. All I wanted to do was finish and have a beer. I was so over the race and becoming discouraged because my goal time was rapidly slipping away. I crossed the finished line disappointed and discouraged because the race turned out to be a lot harder than expected. While waiting for my brother to cross the finish line of his first marathon, I realized I just completed my second marathon. I should be proud. I started to see the positive and told myself things happen. No race is perfect and there are always sets backs. It gave me determination to start planning my next marathon! My brother crossed the finish and I couldn't be any happier for him! It's an amazing accomplishment no matter what! All your hard work and training pays off! 

Savannah Marathon 2011
Post Marathon:
After the marathon, I cut back on my running a lot. The rule of thumb is to rest 1 day for each mile ran. So for the marathon a good cut back of running for 26 days is ideal. This doesn't mean to stop running completely, just cut back. I took a couple days off of running to let my hips and legs recoup. I was walking very gingerly for a couple days after. It's best to take the entire week off of running after a marathon to let your muscles heal and build back up. However, I just can't not do anything for an entire week. I started back slowly and built back up to 3-4 miles a day. Since the marathon, my brother and I have completed one longer run. It felt good to go back out there for a long run, but I can tell I am still exhausted from the marathon and all the training. I'm staying consist running 5-6 days a week with shorter distances, but pushing myself to run harder. I've made my strength training routine harder as well. When training for the marathon, I wasn't lifting as heavy since I wanted to keep my muscles fresh, but also wanted to make them strong to help with speed. Now since my running isn't as heavy, lifting weights heavier is ideal to help keep my muscles strong so when I do go back to marathon training I am ready! After running a race, this is a good time to slowly build your endurance back up to a nice base level. Your runs during the week should range 3-4 days running 3-5 miles a day. Then on the weekends adding back in one long run ranging between 6-10 miles. It all depends on your level of fitness and your future goals. Remember, if you stop running all together the day you start back it will feel like the first day you started running. You know how hard it is to work to build up your distance, but's it's just as easy to lose all your hard work if you don't train the body to remember what you have already done. Just because you finish a race, DON'T stop exercising. Start training for a new one! 
Savannah Marathon 2011 Finishers! 

Next Marathon?!
Since I wasn't 100% pleased with Savannah, I have already decided on the next marathon I will complete: Hello Chicago Marathon 2012! There is no question about it, i'm doing it! After much research, there are countless positive feedback regarding this race. It's a Boston Qualifier and considered a "fast" course. I am excited to run a race where a city embraces marathoning! I'll complete another half and a couple 10ks in between, but this time i'm going to reach my goal! I trained hard for the last marathon, i'm going to train harder for this one. I will qualify for Boston. It's my ultimate goal. Just once is all I want! 

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas 2011
It's my favorite time of year! My cousin recently got married in NOLA a few weeks ago! I am so happy for her, it was a beautiful wedding. While everyone was in town, the Bergerons had a pre-Thanksgiving lunch. It was so nice to have most of the family together for once. I love the holidays and everything about it! However, this year won't be the same as the previous years. Thanksgiving was bitter sweet. This year my oldest brother and sister in law were in town for the holiday. It was nice to have the them here, but Christmas won't be the same without them. My best friend, of all my life, moved away the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I spent most of my the holiday embracing our last days together in the city, while trying to spend time with my family, and working the entire holiday. It was an emotional shipwreck for me. I'm thankful for all the friends, family, and love I have in my life, but deeply sadden to have my best of best friends move away. We are such best friends that if there were a contest for the "Best of Best Friends", we would win, hands down. ;-) Growing up is hard to do. This past week I have used exercise as a great outlet to suppress the sadness. It's time to be happy! I miss him so much, but no matter what he is always here and only a phone call away! Don't let depression, stress, or sadness bring you down during the season! Life is tough, but you have to put yourself and health first! Don't talk yourself out of exercising, nor eat/drink your emotions. Happiness is the greatest medicine! Always smile, you never know, it may make someone's day!
Me and My Bestie
A Very Bergeron Wedding!
Exhasted after Christmas decorating

Holiday Lagniappe:
This is the time of year where people overeat and gain some extra LBs. Holiday foods may be delicious, but are detrimental to our waistlines. They are filled with tons of empty calories and fat! This year I challenge you to take your favorite holiday dish/drink and make it healthy! Yes, that means cutting out the heavy cream, sugar, cheese, etc! You may be surprised how good you can make a dish with healthy options! Take your healthy recipe and post it on to RR (Runner's Roux). Don't worry, if you feel stuck, I will be posting healthy recipes for the holiday just for you and your hips! :-) 

Training Songs: What better way to get into the holiday season than to jam out to some Christmas songs while working out!?! Can't workout to Christmas songs? Don't worry, I've added some "everyday" music! Enjoy!

1. Good Feeling- Flo Rida
2. Hangover- Taio Cruz ft. Flo Rida 
3. Tonight Is The Night- Outasight
4. Oh Santa!- Mariah Carey 
5. Jingle Bell Rock- Elvis Presley 
6. Christmas Song- DMB 

Happy Running, 
Jayme Bergeron, BS
ACSM Health Fitness Specialist 

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  1. Since the marathon, my running has been lacking. I really need to get back into a routine. I need a race to train for! I'm happy I got to share a new route with you during our long run on Sunday.