Tuesday, May 26, 2009

3 Beer Roux

Running is a readily accessible and simple form of exercise. Regardless if you want to lose weight, or maintain a healthy lifestyle running is made for everyone. The tools involved are simple. All you need is yourself, a good pair of running shoes, somewhere to run, and a little bit of motivation. Before you start you need a roux, a base. Your body is your own temple, I know that sounds lame, so why ruin it. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key to a long life. A good diet and some exercise is the roux to your healthy temple. So, I've decided to help with organizing ideas for a healthy running roux for anyone.

First step. Relax. I know not everyone is a runner and the thought may be overwhelming. Our body is made to perform simple motions such as breathing, walking, and running. Running is simply adding speed and force to your walk. Before advancing to running start with good breathing. Breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. It's not always that easy. :) Then start with walking. Need a place a place to walk? Walk around your neighborhood. If you don't live in a neighborhood, or you prefer a different location go to the local park. Take the longer route when walking places. If given the choice, take the stairs not the elevator. Sounds simple enough so start there.

A roux is your base, and the time spent on your roux determines the quality. So with that said relax and have a beer, or two, or three.

Happy Running,

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