Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Running Buddy

Running, or even just working out alone, can be boring and non-challenging. A good running buddy can help with motivation as well as entertainment. Your buddy can help motivate you to run further than you thought was possible, or even help you finish that last little bit of the course when you feel completely drained. It's easier to quit when running alone because there is no one there to help push you, or in some cases judge you for quitting :). A good pace allows you to have a conversation, but not continuous talking nor struggling to catch your breath. Some people prefer not to talk while running, but rather have a buddy there for support and motivation. Just having someone along your side can help make your run more enjoyable, and can even add in some competition. :)

However, a running buddy does not necessarily have to be another person. A dog can also serve as an excellent running partner. Not only are you getting a workout, but so is your furry partner. A nice jog will help your dog stay healthy and may even help gain some muscle tone. Just be prepared to stop/ slow down for your canine to relieve itself and sniff everything in sight. So grab a buddy and start running!

Happy Running,

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